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e-learning programme

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The Foundation Courses are meant for fresh graduates and new entrants with less than 1 year experience in the field of supply chain management.


For the first time, IIMM offers a training programme that combines the advantages of distance learning with the assistance of experienced professional instructors.

  • Classroom lectures delivered via recorded video sessions
  • elearning study material and explanatory notes
  • business games, case studies and assessments
  • certification test to be taken in person at select IIMM branches or IIMM specified test centres

With this methodology, participants can join the course from the convenience of their homes and have access to study material and content on demand.


Degree or Diploma in any discipline.

Final year and pre-final year students may also apply.


Issued by Indian Institute of Materials Management on successful completion.

List of Courses

F001 - Purchasing Management

Topics Covered

  1. Purchasing Concepts
  2. Specifications and Standards
  3. Supply Planning
  4. Procurement Process
  5. Logistics and Warehousing
  6. IT tools for Purchasing

F002 - Supply Management

Topics Covered

  1. SCM Concepts
  2. Specifications and Standards
  3. Demand Planning and Sales
  4. Supply Planning
  5. Purchasing, Logistics and Warehousing
  6. IT tools for SCM

F003 - Warehouse Management

Topics Covered

  1. SCM Concepts
  2. Warehouse Planning
  3. Supply Planning
  4. Warehouse Operations
  5. Specifications, Quality and Purchasing
  6. IT tools for Warehouse Management

F005 - Logistics

Topics Covered

  1. SCM Concepts
  2. Warehousing in Logistics
  3. Transportation Management
  4. Inventory and Purchase Management
  5. Logistics Services
  6. IT Tools for Logistics

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